A Brief Bite of History on Prime Rib

You’re in an intimate, dimly lit room. Soft music is playing in the background as you enter the exquisite dining room. And there, at the pristinely set table, sits your special someone, ready to share the perfect evening with you. Sounds like an ideal, romantic evening for two, right? Almost—the one thing that’s missing is a perfectly cooked prime rib. And we happen to know that there’s no better place to enjoy a romantic evening for two and a delicious cut of meat than Sorrento’s Ranch.

But we at Sorrento’s firmly believe that in order to fully enjoy the scrumptious meal we have prepared for you, it’s best to know exactly what it is. Called a standing roast because of the way it is cooked, the prime rib cut of beef comes from the primal rib. This, According to Mobile Cuisine, is the area above the lower back of the cow, but behind its shoulder. This portion of the animal features tender muscles, which means you are enjoying meat that, when properly prepared, is tender, juicy, and flavorful. 

So now that we have your attention (and have your mouth watering), why is Sorrento’s the best place for you to enjoy a romantic night out over an exceptional serving of prime rib? There are two simple reasons: the first is, believe it or not, according to Business Insider, prime rib on a restaurant’s menu can be a rare offering. Rising wholesale beef prices are causing many restaurants to eliminate this entree from their menus. 

The second reason Sorrento’s is your best place for prime rib is a delicious one—we have perfected the recipe of our renowned prime beef for you to enjoy. At $27 for a full cut, you can enjoy our most mouthwatering entrée with signature sides, like our garlic mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes, rice, vegetables, and french fries. 

Sorrento’s Restaurant is your headquarters for an unbeatable atmosphere, exceptional service, and delicious, unbeatable prime rib. We also offer a prime rib special on Wednesdays! Call to reserve your table at 815-895-5466 We are located at 50 W. 187 Route 64 in Maple Park, IL.


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